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Today my Unscripted Ones I am about to drop a fairly controversial podcast about Reverse Racism in America. This is based off a discussion I read along with today from Sunny Gibson on Facebook and Tessa MacLeod. The conversation started innocently enough with Tessa asking questions about reparations for slavery and what that would look like.
It went from a communication with both people to Tessa getting made fun of by Sunny for being white. Sunny Gibson actually got rather rude for no reason. In my humble opinion. I have reached out to @sunnygibson and asked her if she would like to be on the podcast to discuss her points.
I have thought about this more and more tonight. I just can't shake the feeling things were left unsaid. I have read and reread the dialog between the two women. I think I pick up frustration on Sunny's side and who can blame her? I know Tessa's story and have read portions of her book, "A Girl Called Bitch." I know where Tessa's pain comes from. I would really love to get outside opinions on all of it. I would love Sunny to come on the blog. I would also love Ray Sr to hop on. His words have left me wanting more. I want to know his story, his history. So Ray, if you are out there reading this please consider. I am heading to facebook to formally ask Kristie and yourself to please join my podcast for an episode or two. :)
To be honest I agreed with both of them until the end. That is when @sunnygibson started making jokes on Tessa's behalf for being white or at least that is what it seemed like.
I love differing opinions and hearing both sides of a discussion. So, I hope that Sunny will take me up on my offer. I would like to hear her thoughts.
A few quotes and a link to the podcast to end with:
When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. Malala Vousafzai
When a person gets stuck in their beliefs of the World. They get locked in their own form of Hell. A Hell of their own making.
So, Tessa Michelle MacLeod I heard you and heard your message. You are against slavery and think reparations could be possible and interested in what those could be.
I think both women have a lot to say. A lot of good things to say. I just don't like how the conversation ended. It was rude. So, I am giving both women an opportunity to say their peace.
My new motto: Trying to better the World one person at a time.
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