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Back by popular demand. Worst Dates Ever! You can submit worst dates on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/savanah.jane.524 or website. Unscripted.media

If you have ever been too thin or heavy by todays standards you might notice that plenty of people have plenty of advice for you. Helpful things like eat something or you shouldn't really be in a restaurant. Bullying is called out in so many aspects of life. However, the shit people will talk to another person over weight is rarely discussed or addressed. Why? Taboo or the elephant in the room???

For those of you in the job market or about to be. Good luck, network and believe in yourself!!!

If you are one of the millions of people living and suffering from debt, I know it can be scary. I know the feeling of never being able to get ahead. Never just having enough financially. Instead there is fear and doubt. Money and debt can be your only focus. As scary as it is there are great resources available at no cost. You will make it through this time of your life.

Believe in yourself and don't give up!

Personally, I recommend Dave Ramsey who has books, website, free materials, radio show and podcast.


Know your numbers! Know how much debt you have, how much your monthly payments are and how much your checks come out to each month. Only by knowing the numbers will you start coming to terms with the hurdles in front of you.

Marijuana worth the great debate or just people blowing smoke. What side of the fence do you land on?

This episode is for all of the Unscripted ones out there who get lost, frustrated, confused or blocked when it comes to setting goals and sticking to them. if you are like me you have spent so much time surviving that setting goals wasn't needed or even understood. 

I spent a life time of watching my family members barely get by. Blame everyone for their own failures and lack of success. As I learn more it becomes more evident that the art of goals, isn't as much an art as a learned behavior. So, what happens if you never learned that behavior? There is still time and it isn't as daunting as it seems.

I will be posting guides on both my website: unscripted.media and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savanah.jane

Urban Dictionary:

When someone's not had sex for 3 years or more; also if they've had surgery for a tighter fit.
She been revirginized & I can't wait to try her out!!
Go with out sex for a couple years and consider yourself a virgin again? Really, is that how it works? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment hear or jump over to my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/unscriptedbysavanahjane
Some see virginity as innocence and purity. Is that something you get back?
Are you currently in a drought? Jump over to facebook and tell us how long.
Pardon the dust and mess, Unscripted is in its soft launch phase.

Welcome to the introduction Episode of Unscripted by Savanah Jane. A podcast about life, growth, corporate world, marijuana, and the pursuit of sarcasm. I look forward to this journey with you, my Unscripted ones.

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