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Help you Help Yourself. if you belong to any group on facebook that is business, photography, podcast or a similarly related type of group. You might have noticed the over abundance of questions around that topic. For photography most people want to know step by step how to start a business. What to do, what to charge, how to shoot, where to shoot and the list goes on for literally miles. 

It seems like they want to be spoon fed every detail. Want isn't a strong enough word. They feel entitled to that information merely because they decided that was their next direction. While asking questions is great. Expecting someone to spoon feed you the answers of life isn't. You have to put in the work at least try. Yes, I said the word. TRY!!! If you happen to find someone who is willing to give you the answers. How do you know they will even apply to your situation?

As a photographer I follow many people who teach photography and business. There is one particular Sal Cincotta that I relate to in many ways. There are some distinct ways we differ. He happens to use the word hustle ofter and I completely agree with it and him in that regard. There are other photographers that train that openly dislike the word and teaching anyone to hustle. It is up to me to decide where I fit in the two views. If I were to simply go off what one of them says over the other then I am depriving myself of the experience of trying. You never know. Maybe I find an entirely different way to do something that no one else tried up to that point.

Basically, don't sell yourself short and believe in yourself. That will serve you better than listening to the opinions of others.

Also, it is annoying to see person after person wanting to be spoon fed life. 

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