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Hello my Unscripted ones. In the third installment of Reverse Racism I am going to flip the script. This isn't about Racism, it is about ignorance! It is ignorant not to at least attempt to understand another persons struggle. It is ignorant to be a lifetime victim of life AIN't fair or life owes me something.

News flash: Life doesn't owe you anything and neither does anyone else on this planet!!!

I end the third and final episode of She said What or Reverse Racism. I stop this stupid crap. Instead I highly encourage each and everyone of you to reach out of your comfort zone and learn someone else story. Go to a retirement home for a day and just talk to people. There is no place or time remaining for this black/white crap. We are all people on the same round Earth. It is time to adapt and stop living in the past. Stop hating on complete strangers for their differences. Instead embrace those people and learn their story.

Turns out this isn't about racism at all. It is simply a case of bullying and using a sensitive subject to assert power!!!

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